I Know Who Neal Martin Is Now

Neal Story Martin came to Texas in 1816 from Cumberland Gap, Kentucky to hunt buffalo with Thomas Jefferson Rusk, the very first Secretary of War for the Republic of Texas. While passing through what is now Van Zandt County, he fell so deeply in love with the land that he left the hunting party, built a log cabin and became a farmer growing corn, cotton … Continue reading I Know Who Neal Martin Is Now


A Short Drive for a Little Kick

Casa Dominguez opened in Dallas in the early 1960’s and quickly became one of the hotspots for local celebrities including many of the legendary Dallas Cowboys with names like Meredith, Lilly, Gent and even Murchison. Count other famous Texans like Lee Trevino and Darrell Royal as loyal customers as well. An article for Texas Monthly by Gary Cartwright tells the story of how Pete Dominguez … Continue reading A Short Drive for a Little Kick


Small-Town Barbecue (and Burgers)

You know, sometimes you just need to have some barbecue. Well, new year’s eve day seemed like a pretty good time to me, and luckily, my Dad was in the mood for some good ‘cue too. I spent a few minutes online looking for a place outside of the DFW metroplex, searching specifically for a small-town spot that was within a 45-minute drive from his … Continue reading Small-Town Barbecue (and Burgers)


Out of many, one.

The high-speed continuous shutter setting on digital cameras is an awesome thing – and even more awesome when photographing children. My apologies to all of the extreme sports photographers out there, but seriously what’s better, capturing a skateboarder in the middle of a Fakie 270-to-Tailside, or a 2-year-old little girl being startled by a snot bubble she just blew with her nose? I think you … Continue reading Out of many, one.